About Us

A club dedicated to the home brewing hobby since 1981. We brew (and sample) anything from hop drenched pale ales, face puckering sours to the most delicate meads. You can join our club for a mere $25 per year ($40 for a family)! Our friendly competitions get you feedback on your creations. Meet us at our next meeting and bring your homebrew or favorite commercial brew.

We usually meet at Heavy Seas Brewery on the 3rd Wednesday of the month. Our club is made up of people that have just started brewing to folks that have been brewing for 35+ years. We all started small and we have a good group of guys and girls that love beer and brewing beer. We normally have anywhere from 15 to 25 people show up to our meetings and we always have beer (and some friendly competition) , tall tales, and help for new brewers, so we are not forced to drink bad beer...for too long.

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If you are interested in joining contact one of the club officers